Lift & Tint

Lash Tint

A lash tint adds depth and definition to your natural lashes. Your natural lashes will look like you’ve applied mascara, but will remain soft, supple, and separated.

Lash Lift

A chemical service that adds curl to your natural lashes. Lash lifts work best for people who have naturally long lashes that are straighter in shape.

Lash Lift & Tint

This combination is Parlor's #1 lash service that delivers amazing results for those Natural Lash Beauties.

Wake up ready to take on the day!

Full Set Eyelash extensions


Get time back and look fabulous with a Classic full set!


Hybrid lashes are a mix of both classic and volume.


For clients who want the ultimate volume and fluffiness in their lashes.

Lash Fills - Existing client

Fill prices are assuming you have approximately 50% of your extensions remaining at the time of fill. Less than that will be considered a full set application.

2 Week Fill - Classic

Get time back and look fabulous with a Classic full set!

2 Week Fill - Hybrid

Hybrid lashes are a mix of both classic and volume.

2 Week Fill - Volume

For clients who want the ultimate volume and fluffiness in their lashes.

Lash Fills - Transfer Client

A "transfer client'' is a new client to 'Parlor Beauty Bar' that currently has their lashes done by another stylist.We consider a transfer client as one who has had their lashes done within the past 2-3 weeks and has at least 50% retention.An assessment of current lashes is done at the time of service.

Please contact Parlor Beauty Bar if you're considering transferring from another lash artist.

Lash Extension Removal

Start Fresh

Ready for a fresh start? Schedule your lash removal today. Please, never attempt to remove your lashes yourself.


Full Set – Classic Lash Extensions (1:1): 2 hours

Classic Fill: 60 Minutes

Full Set – Volume Lash Extensions (3:1): – 2.5 hours

Volume Fill: 75 Minutes

Full Set – Mega Volume Extensions (5:1) – 3 hours

Mega Volume Fill: 90

After your full set of lash extensions are applied it is recommended to come back for regular fills every 2 weeks.

With proper aftercare and regular lash fills your natural lashes will not be compromised.  We recommend that you also use a lash extension approved lash serum to help the integrity of your natural lashes.  We sell lash serum in our studio that can you purchase at your next appointment.   

– Clean your lashes before your appointment, remove all makeup and contact lenses.  

– Remove your contact lenses.  Your eyes will be closed during the lash application of your eyelash extensions, to avoid discomfort, it is always suggested that contacts are removed allowing eyes to be comfortable in a natural and rested state.

– Silence your cell phone during your appointment.

We do not recommend wearing mascara with eyelash extensions.  However, if you insist there are mascaras specifically made for use with lash extensions.  

Regular fills are recommended every 2 weeks.

***NEVER ATTEMPT TO REMOVE YOUR LASHES YOURSELF.**** When you are ready to take a break or have your lashes removed schedule an appointment and your lash artist will professionally remove the remaining lash extensions to avoid breakage/damage of your natural lashes.

At Parlor Beauty Bar, we are dedicated and committed to a high standard of lash health, and we want to ensure that you leave our salon with beautiful, full, healthy lashes that you’ll be proud to show off. With each service we offer, we guarantee you’ll feel more confident.

After your first full set of lash extensions, we recommend you return every two weeks for regular lash fills. Regular two-week lash-fills will help maintain the health of your natural lashes to ensure there is no breakage or damage from the weight of overgrown extensions. Please book your bi-weekly appointments in advance as we do book up quickly.

You may have several questions if it’s your first time getting lash extensions. We are here to help! You may want to start with a Classic full set, a 1:1 lash extension to your natural lashes. After your first set, if you want to go fuller, you can upgrade to a hybrid (a mix of 1:1 lashes and 5:1) or go with Volume (5:1 fans) for the ultimate glam. Many people may worry that lash extensions will ruin your natural eyelashes, but that is unbiased. With proper aftercare, regular fills, and following our directions, you will ensure the health of your lashes. We will walk you through the aftercare steps needed to ensure that your lashes are not compromised.

Other people may wonder if they will be able to remove their extensions themselves if they decide they don’t like them for whatever reason. It is important to remember that eyelash extension removal should only be done by a professional. Removing them yourself can cause breakage and damage your natural lashes.

Remember that one of the perks of eyelash extensions is that you can stop spending money on mascara and throw your damaging eyelash curler away! Extensions look like you have already applied mascara, and we do not recommend using any while you have your lash extensions on.

Before coming to your lash extension appointment, it is essential to clean your natural lashes, removing all makeup. Make sure also to remove your contact lenses. If you’re coming straight from work and do not have time to wash your lashes before your appointment, you can always add a ‘lash bath’ to your appointment. You must start with clean lashes, as the natural oils and environmental debris on your lashes create a barrier between the adhesive and extension and will cause the extensions to fall out prematurely. 

Eyelashes fall out like you’d shed hair from your head. One to five lashes fall out daily depending on the person’s age, health, lifestyle, and other factors. Thus, about 20% of lashes fall out every week. Scheduling two-week fills are essential to ensure you have full lashes and that the weight of grown-out extensions does not cause breakage. 

During your lash appointment, your lash artist will spend time removing grown-out extensions in addition to adding new extensions. Lash extensions require a lot of upkeep and, for some, can be considered “high-maintenance.” If you’re not ready for the commitment involved with lash extensions, we suggest you start with a lash lift and tint at Parlor Beauty Bar, which can be less maintenance.

Lash lift and tint is Parlor’s #1 lash service that delivers fantastic results for those Natural Lash Beauties. A lash lift is a chemical service that adds curl to your natural eyelashes. A lash tint adds depth and definition to your natural lashes. Your lashes will look like you’ve applied mascara but remain soft, supple, and separated. 

Wake up and be ready to take on your day! Lash lifts work best for clients with naturally long lashes straighter in shape. Lash lifts last approximately 6-8 weeks. ***Please note: You will need to avoid excessive steam (hot showers, sauna, cooking/oven heat) and ALL eyelash curlers for two months after having this service done, and you will need to avoid getting your lashes wet for the first twenty-four hours (no sweating, crying, etc.). 

Contact our lash experts at Parlor Beauty Supply today. They will be more than happy to help you decide which service is best for you, giving you the confidence that comes with full, beautiful, healthy, and long lashes.