At Parlor, we know your time is valuable. That's why our mission is to build a fun environment to gather with friends, shut off the outside world all while you enjoy affordable luxury beauty services.

Charlotte's Story

owner and founder of Parlor beauty bar

My life was forever changed after two major car accidents left me wheelchair bound. The injuries I sustained ultimately impacted my physical ability to perform everyday activities, like washing and drying my hair, without being in extreme physical pain.
At that point in my life, running all over Austin for my beauty service needs was a challenge. As a woman, I simply wanted to feel beautiful and have a sense of normality, but undergoing multiple surgeries, managing countless doctor appointments, and being in the middle of two lawsuits made that difficult. Although it was not how I envisioned starting my life in Austin; it was out of my control, and I had to move forward.
That’s when the lightbulb went off and the idea for Parlor Beauty Bar was born: one-stop for all your beauty needs. The place where convenience and practicality meet beauty expertise and luxury services. 
Since that day, Parlor has been a labor of love. I hope that my story will inspire other women to keep moving forward and follow their dreams regardless of what obstacles you might face. I’m forever grateful for our amazing clients who have shown us so much love and support since day one.  And, for my talented team who continues to strive for excellence each and every day through their craft and the client experience they deliver.

xo - charlotte

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