Parlor Beauty Bar can help you have a natural look with false lashes. These unique lashes do not need to be removed daily, like mascara or regular false eyelashes, because they become part of your lashes. What are they?  Eyelash extensions! They make your natural lashes look longer, darker, and fuller. Say goodbye to mascara and read ahead for more information about them.

Choose the Look You Want

Our skilled stylists will show you photos of clients with different kinds of lash extensions. There are three types, and we will discuss each of them.

You can expect your lashes to look like you are wearing mascara, but with lash extensions, you don’t need any eyelash makeup. You can safely sleep, shower, and go through your day as usual with extensions. Be sure not to let shower water directly hit your eyelashes. Instead, use a special eyelash cleanser from your technician.

We have found that many customers like to start with a Classic set to see if they are satisfied with these or if the client wants to move up to Hybrid or Volume Extensions. Classic Extensions will give you a natural look. They’re just right for many customers who want a look similar to applied mascara.

Lash Extensions Give You a Natural Look

Our lash artists at Parlor Beauty Bar can design a beautiful look for your eyes.  Most people who meet someone new are first attracted to the person’s eyes. Lash extensions set you aside from those with regular lashes and help you to have the stunning eyes you’ve always dreamed of having. Best of all, our Lash Extensions look natural while doing this.

Your stylist will explain the procedure and recommend a tint to complement your hair and complexion. You can decide whether you want Classic, Hybrid, or Volume Extensions. When your artist completes your extensions, you will wish you had done it sooner.

How to Maintain Your Beautiful Eyelashes

Parlor Beauty Bar recommends that you have “lash fills” every 2 or 3 weeks to keep them looking their best. Many natural lashes fall off each week. Newly grown lashes will look thin and short and the fullness will lessen each week without a fill. You need at least 50% of your extended lashes left to qualify for a fill.

Lash fills can be scheduled at Parlor Beauty Bar in advance because we book up quickly. An overdue lash fill will cost more because you will probably need a new set of full lashes. A Classic Fill takes about 1 hour and for a new Classic full set, plan to spend 2 hours with your eyelash artist. Hybrid and Volume fills and full sets take longer since more extensions must be applied.

Lash Extensions Are Convenient

Lash Extensions won’t fall off like false lashes attached with a sticky strip to your lash line. Lash Extensions are semi-permanent, and we recommend that your stylist professionally remove them if desired. An appointment with your stylist is necessary to remove lash extensions.

Your morning makeup routine will take less time when you have lash extensions and you will not have to use mascara on the extensions. Lash extensions provide the easiest way to keep your eyes looking great without the expense and effort involved in applying mascara.

No More False Eyelashes

You can get the dark, full look of false eyelashes with lash extensions. They are semi-permanent, so there is no need to bother with the effort required for false lash application. They look great for weeks and never need to be applied or removed.

Are Lash Extensions Safe for Eyes?

Lash extensions are safe for the eyes and only touch the lashes. Your eyes will remain closed during the procedure, and your bottom lashes are taped down to ensure that they are not touched with glue.

How to Care for Lash Extensions Between Fills

Following your professional artist’s directions is the best way to be sure your eyelash extensions will look great until you are due for a new fill. Follow these tips:

  1. We treat your natural lashes with a dark color that will highlight them for weeks. Do not use mascara!
  2. Use the lash extension cleaner sold at Parlor Beauty Bar.
  3. You can also use the lash care sold at our salon that will keep your lashes their healthiest and prevent lashes from breaking.
  4. Strong water pressure in the shower can harm lashes, so use a special lash extension cleaner.

How to Prepare for an Appointment

There are a few things to do before your appointment. If you wear contacts, these should be removed before coming in for your appointment. All makeup should be removed and your eyelashes should be cleaned with eyelash extension cleaner if you have an appointment for a fill.

A Lash Bath can be added to your services if you are not able to properly clean your lashes before your appointment.

Lash Extensions Add Beauty with Little Effort

Almost everyone wants to improve their appearance. Lash extensions can give you an attractive, stylish look on the same day. Your new lashes will improve your confidence, and you will enjoy the compliments that you receive. You will fall in love with your new look, just like so many of our clients! You can contact us at (512) 770-6746 to schedule an appointment with one of our professional stylists.