There are some myths about eyebrow and lash care. You need to stop believing. Gone are the days of daily applying makeup to your eyebrows and lashes. Today’s modern methods have eliminated daily care. Instead, semi-permanent solutions exist. At Parlor Beauty Bar, our stylists are professionally trained to create groomed, beautiful eyebrows and lashes for you. Here are 5 myths that are no longer true:

Myth #1 — You need to tweeze and shape to get the defined eyebrows you want. Doing this yourself may result in two different eyebrow shapes on your face since it can be a difficult task to get perfect eyebrows by yourself. Your stylist will apply wax to the area to remove unwanted hair. This service is especially good for those with sensitive skin. Your stylist will gently tweeze any hair left after waxing.

Getting professionally waxed and shaped eyebrows at a professional studio like Parlor Beauty Bar by an eyebrow artist is far more likely to have the results you desire. Add on some services we offer for a more tailored look. They are the following:

It results in shine and eliminates the need for eyebrow gel applied daily. Lamination will add the look of thickness and fullness to your eyebrows. If you have thinning eyebrows or those with thin spots, lamination will help.

Myth #2 – Having Gorgeous Eyebrows and Eyelashes Takes Daily Work

With the latest methods used at Parlor Beauty Bar, you won’t need another wax for around four weeks. Lamination does not need to be done for around eight weeks. This eliminates a lot of upkeep for you. You have little to do except daily cleansing with eyebrow and eyelash extension cleanser.

Myth #3 – You Were Born with the Eyebrows and Eyelashes You Have and This Can’t Be Changed

Modern beauty methods have changed the fact that you stay the way you were born. Your stylist can design the eyebrows and eyelashes that you never thought were possible. Eyes are one of the first things noticed in a person, so with today’s methods, change your eyebrows and lashes from mundane to gorgeous!

If your eyebrows are very light and barely noticeable, tinting can help define and highlight them. Your stylist can match your hair color or apply a darker tint.

Myth #4 — You Will Forever Buy Mascara

At Parlor Beauty Bar, we offer eyelash enhancement that will allow you to throw your mascara in the trash! There are three services for enhancing your eyelashes. They are the following:

If your lashes are sparse and light in color, you will probably want to make an appointment for extensions. We offer Eyelash Extensions for those who would like to have longer, thicker, fuller lashes. There are three kinds of Eyelash Extensions offered at Parlor Beauty Bar. They are the following:

Myth #5 — Looking Great Takes a Lot of Effort

This is a myth, especially if you relax and let the professional stylist at Parlor Beauty Bar design the eyebrows and eyelashes you dream of. Steps to improve your appearance can be simple and easy. Our stylists are gentle and understand that you want the best service possible.

Eyelash Extensions need to be filled every two to three weeks to keep them looking their best. We all lose many lashes each week. A fill will enhance newly grown lighter eyelashes that are growing in.

If you had your natural lashes treated with a Lift and Tint, keeping them looking great usually requires retreatment in about four weeks. Slow-growing lashes or those that grow fast may need an appointment with your stylist a bit earlier or later than this time.

Parlor Beauty Bar Gets Rave Reviews

Parlor Beauty Bar clients have no intention of going back to eye makeup once they experience our modern beauty services. When their friends see the change in their appearance, they often make an appointment so they can also have more confidence in their natural beauty.

We offer Parlor Trio Service that enables you to get your eyebrows and eyelashes enhanced at the same time. This is an easy option and you will leave our parlor with beautiful eyebrows and eyelashes. They will stay that way for weeks at a time.

Our beauty bar is conveniently located at 511 Comal Street in Austin, Texas. We are open from 9:00 AM until 7:00 PM, Tuesday through Friday. Saturday appointments can be scheduled from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM. We are closed on Sunday and have a few Monday appointments. Call us at (512) 770-6746 to schedule your appointment.