We see different styles in 2023, including eyebrows and even runway couture! The current eyebrow trends cover the entire spectrum, from naturally thick to the thin brows of the 1990s to bleached and straight brows. 

These styles have one thing in common: they are all bold but simple to match any outfit! These styles improve on a common brow style, such as lighter brows. Try the bleached brow trend if you are a natural blonde to achieve light and edgy brows.

Soap Brows

With millions of TikTok views as of November 2022, “soap brows” have been trending on social media for a long time and show no signs of slowing down.

A spoolie brush and a basic bar of soap are used in this fashion. The soap is a pomade to hold hairs in place to create a larger, fluffier look and precise shaping. Stylists frequently use this style on models for picture sessions to create a quick, laminated look.

You can properly groom and shape brows. If your clients do not want that dramatic laminated look, it does not have to be that way.

Products like brow gels may keep the lookup between treatments or in place of soap, while precision brow pens can assist in filling in any gaps and adding volume.

Natural Brows

A well-groomed brow will always be in vogue despite the fun trends that come and go. Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, natural beauty has become increasingly popular, with heavy makeup and thick, dark brows replaced by a low-maintenance, fresh-faced appearance.

To create the illusion of hair in the brow gaps, hairdressers use a fine, sharpened brow pencil to make thin, feathery strokes. After that, repeatedly integrate the color into the brows upward with a spoolie until it appears natural.

You can also achieve this look with microblading, which adds volume and produces hair strokes that appear natural. With billions of TikTok views, microblading might be considered less of a fad and more of a standard in brow upkeep.

Skinny Brows

In a huge way, thin brows are returning. It is excellent news for customers who overplucked in the 1990s and 2000s, but it will be more difficult for individuals with fuller brows to achieve. Now that they have learned their lesson, many clients with full brows may request slim brows without over-plucking or over-waxing the ones they already have.

The easiest way to give the appearance of an extra-slim brow is to draw a tiny line inside the brow, then blend gel with a spoolie brush along the brow to give it a thinner, more defined appearance.

Alternatively, dermaplaning might be an option to reduce some bulk from sparse brows while preventing injury to the hair follicles and promoting regrowth.

Colored Brows

Color is the theme of 2023. specifically during the summer, as more people embrace their uniqueness and experiment with fashion. It will be amusing, and we will see it on the catwalk every day as we cross the street.

Around 2014, the colored brow fad peaked and is back in 2023. Particularly Gen Z is accepting brows in all shades of the color spectrum.

Those with bleached or naturally light brows may find it easiest to remove this appearance. The greatest method for getting vivid colors is that. Colored brows will be a progression of the bleach brow trend.

Makeup there are several ways to accomplish this appearance. One is colorful mascara for the lashes or brows, applied with a spoolie and utilized like brow gel. Another option is to combine a highly pigmented eyeshadow with gel.

Straight Brows

In 2023, according to Long, the “straight brow” will be big, with stars like Ariana Grande spotted sporting the edgy, archless style made popular by timeless film icon Audrey Hepburn. The image that comes to mind when someone mentions Hepburn’s iconic brow is usually one from her 1954 film Sabrina. Lily Collins and Meghan Markle have both sported the look.

You can pull off this style with dark hair and wide eyes. To open up the eyes and lift the face while maintaining a youthful, fresh appearance for the eyes, the tail of the brow is slightly lifted. 

Embellished Brows

At Paris Fashion Week [SS23], adorned eyebrows were a major trend in experimental beauty. All kinds of embellishments, including studs, pearls, sequins, stones, and metallic foil, were seen, and Doja Cat rocked the outfit while attending the Givenchy presentation.

They use silver studs to adorn brows in Balenciaga’s AW22 runway presentation to give them an industrial edge, which is becoming fashionable. We begin to wonder if we will notice a resurgence of eyebrow piercings.

This trend looks great with a bleached or slender brow and is enjoyable to experiment with at events or during the holiday season. Look for self-adhesive flat-back adornments for a quick and simple solution to this style. Embellishments are readily available and affordable.

Bleached Brows

The bleached brow, which has roots in queer counterculture and is frequently referred to as “the gender-neutral brow,” continues to rule the fashion world and significantly impact the Spring 2023 runways. Celebrities like Madonna, Kendall Jenner, and Julia Fox have all worn this style, going for a barely noticeable, totally bleached blonde. The alienated and “ugly beauty” themes that are popular right now are also achieved with this approach.

Although it is getting increasingly popular, brow and lash specialists have not historically provided brow bleaching services. It implies that customers frequently bleach their brows at home without knowledge or experience using bleach and toner. Home bleaching carries risks even though some people get the look they want.

Erroneously bleached brows could turn orange, or the hair could become incredibly porous. In the worst scenarios, eyebrows could suffer severe damage and hair loss.

Before bleaching, you must evaluate brow strength; the procedure is not advised in conjunction with lamination treatments.

The most recent version of this trend shows a shift toward a more presentable, professional appearance for people who want to go lighter but are not ready for the fully bleached image. More customers will request toned brows to match their hair color and bleach only a few shades lighter than their natural color.

Get Your Brows Done Professionally!

Are you ready to change things with a straight brow or throw your style back to the 1990s with thin brows once more? In either case, let the skilled staff at Parlor Beauty Bar assist you in finding a stylish appearance that highlights your best characteristics.

You can experiment with various styles and trends to determine what makes you look and feel your best because our brows undergo a natural shedding and growth process. You might sample one trend, fall in love with it, never return, or wish to experiment with each one. 

However you decide to style, we are here to help you experiment, personalize, and show them proudly.