Eyelash extensions are an excellent method to highlight your gorgeous eyes, regardless of whether you have short eyelashes or want to add some volume. The fact is that they are an investment. Depending on the location, your eye shape, and the length of your lashes, eyelash extensions can cost up to $300 and take hours to install. After all that, you’ll want to provide them with the best care possible.

Like any worthwhile purchase, eyelash extensions need upkeep. When you take good care of your lashes, it can:

●  maintain clean eyelashes to avoid eye infections

●  save you money since you won’t need to upkeep or replace them as frequently

●  keep them looking beautiful for longer

What To Do To Maintain Your Lashes

Do Stay Away From Water

Avoid anything damp for at least one to two days after applying your eyelashes. Steamy showers or hot, humid environments like yoga might remoisten the adhesive, causing your eyelashes to become loose and fall out or clump. In the long run, a little bit of water here and there won’t be disastrous for your eyelashes, but it is advised that you fan them dry right after you step out of the shower or gym.

Do Wash Them Regularly After 48 hrs

Not washing your last extensions after the first two days will result in residues from various sources accumulating around your last line.  This can cause various issues, including eye infractions and other eye problems. Cleaning your lashes with a lash cleaner at least once every other day will keep them clean and healthy and stop any annoying premature fallout. Our daily stresses accumulate in our lashes, which is perfectly OK and acceptable. The result is our lashes require a wash because of the accumulation of dust, grime, oil, and debris.

You may accomplish this by taking the below actions:

●  Use a soft-bristled brush to clean them

●  Combine with purified water or a professional eyelash extension cleaner to give a thorough cleaning

●  Let the shower water flow over your eyes and down your face

Do Get Refills

When it comes down to it, keeping up with your lash refill sessions is the key to extending the life and beauty of your extensions. Every two weeks is what is advised for you to plan for your refill. You can only maintain a complete lash line by doing this step. Your stylist will maintain your current set and apply new extensions for enhanced fullness when you come in for your lash refill session.

Do Use Lash Extension-friendly Products

Not all cosmetic products can be used with lash extensions. Avoid using waterproof mascara and other cosmetics that include oil or alcohol. And yes, this applies to any oil-based moisturizers used around the eyes. A lash sealer is the ideal aftercare treatment to boost retention between lash fills and extend the life of your lash extensions. Getting a lash sealant should come after acquiring the actual lash extensions themselves on your priority list!

Do Get a Soft Material Pillowcase

Were you aware that cotton has a reputation for taking hold of your hair and pulling on it? Your lashes may become weakened and dry once it absorbs the oils, making them more prone to breaking quickly. Avoiding abrasive objects and purchasing a pillow with a case made of a frictionless material are the best ways to cure this issue.

Do Protect Your Lashes From Hot Environments

Heat is another factor that decreases the lifespan of your eyelash extensions. Overexposure to the sun can make your eyelashes dry, crack, or fall off. Avoid stepping outside in the hottest weather, or use sunglasses to keep your lash extensions from being exposed to excessive heat.

Do Buy a Lash Serum

Your natural lashes will continue to grow and be healthy if you use a lash serum that is lash friendly. Remember that more lash extensions can be applied to stronger, natural eyelashes, resulting in fuller, more improved lashes overall.

What Not To Do To Your New Lashes

Don’t Pick At Them

Your extensions will first feel strange, but after a few days, you should feel more at ease with them. So don’t pick at them or attempt to take them out yourself, no matter how strange it seems. You’ll just break or damage your actual lashes.

Don’t Use Heavy Oils or Moisturizers

The binding between the lash glue and conditioners will eventually weaken with the use of rich eye creams and face oils, resulting in premature lash loss. The eye region must be fully avoided while applying a cream or moisturizer. If you must get rid of those dark circles, apply your facial cream more precisely by dabbing it on with your ring finger. Try leaning your head backwards rather than forward to stop any product from getting into your lash line while washing your hair in the shower.

Don’t Apply Mascara

This must not be done at all. No need for mascara anymore! Replace your worn-out mascara wands with eyelash extensions to have full, attractive lashes for longer. Mascara will pull at the adhesive and ruin the installation of your lash extensions.

Don’t Use A Lash Curler

You don’t need to curl synthetic eyelash extensions because they come with preset curls in varying grades. However, remember that the preset curl of false lashes may likely disappear after becoming moist or wet if you are wearing any type of natural lash fiber.

Don’t Indulge in Hot or Humid Environments

Because heat has the ability to damage eyelash extensions, avoiding hot situations like steam rooms, hot tubs, saunas, and even fake tanning while wearing lash extensions is best. Continuous exposure to steam poses a higher risk rather than just a brief exposure.

Don’t Sleep On Your Stomach

The proper way to sleep while wearing eyelash extensions is crucial in determining how long they will last. Sleep on your back rather than your stomach, which squishes your eyelashes.

Final Thoughts

Having lashes that spare you from the hassles of a daily cosmetic process is a huge benefit, but you can improve your experience with some straightforward steps and a little common sense. In the end, your last extensions are a valuable investment, and you owe it to yourself to take care of them so you can always look your best.

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