Dark eyelashes can dramatically enhance the beauty and sex of your eyes. They give you a younger appearance by making the whites of your eyes appear whiter. Unfortunately, not everyone is endowed with naturally attractive and dark lashes. Women who aren’t born with long, black eyelashes can choose lash tinting. Lash tinting is the quickest way to obtain darker, longer lashes without the trouble or mess of mascara.

Your Lashes Will Naturally Look Darker and Fuller

Unlike other solutions like lash extensions, tinting is the perfect way to naturally enhance the lashes you already have without adding more length. This process depends on how long, thick, and full your natural eyelashes are. Your lashes will appear more dramatic the fuller they are, but lash tinting can work for anyone. If this is the style you’re going for, we suggest using a dark or ultra-black color.

Your Lashes Won’t Be Effected By Moisture

Women who live hectic or active lifestyles should consider getting their lashes tinted. You probably don’t wear mascara very often if you spend a lot of time swimming, doing sports, or running your kids around. You may achieve a more polished, coiffed look with lash tinting that is also low-maintenance.

Your Make-Up Routine Will Be Reduced

Your lashes won’t need any mascara because your eyelash tinting will already be dark and last for a few weeks if handled carefully. The time it takes you to get ready in the morning will also be reduced (perfect for those who need a few extra minutes in bed). The lash tint does, however, start to wear out over time, so you could find that you need to use mascara or false eyelashes until you get a touch-up.

You Can Avoid Mascara For Good

Due to sensitive eyes or an allergy to a component of the mascara, some people cannot wear mascara. If this is the case, eyelash tint can still achieve darker lashes without subjecting yourself to the agony of itchy eyes or an adverse response to the mascara. The perk of dyed lashes is that it lasts all day long, unlike mascara, which you must apply every morning.

You Can Change Your Lash Style

You can choose from a range of lash tinting options, from black to colorful. If you have light blonde hair and want your lashes to stand out without looking too dark, you can choose a brown tint rather than a black one. Additionally, you may purchase a range of colors, such as a blend of ultra-black and black, to add drama to your eyes while maintaining a natural appearance. You could always choose a purple or blue color that looks wonderful if you’re feeling creative or going to a festival!

Get Your Lashes Professional Tinted

While DIY methods are possible, it’s always better to have a professional help you with beautifying procedures like lash tinting. Our team of beauty professionals at Parlor Beauty Bar is ready to help you with all your lash tinting needs to help you look amazing!