The appropriate brow shape can give you a regal appearance. Making your facial characteristics stand out also helps. However, you should know the many eyebrow shapes and which could be best for you before you pluck your brows.

How to Shape Your Brows

It takes a lot of talent to shape your brows; it’s like art and geometry mixed. Finding the ideal arch depends entirely on the angles and proportions of the form of your face. Your brows should be balanced and as symmetrical as possible when you shape them.

Some tips from the pros for getting the best brows are as follows:

Choosing the Perfect Brow Shape

Finding your face shape is the first step to the ultimate brow game. Math can be used to determine your precise shape, but you can also just go the visual route. If math isn’t your strong suit, we advise estimating while gazing into a mirror. You can get started once you know the facial form you are dealing with.

Round Faces

You will look your best with high-arched brows with a round face since they will produce a vertical point and provide the appearance of a leaner face. Start by filling in your brows at the arch, darkening them slightly to emphasize the form since you want to lengthen your face.

Diamond Faces

Your main objective is to make your face shorter if it has a diamond form. The most straightforward approach to achieve this is to shape your brow into a curve, which will raise your face upward and give it a rounder appearance. Having a more extended brow will assist in balancing out a sharper jawline.

Square Faces

Square faces work well with a curved arch that is slightly elevated. Its height gives the face an extended aspect, and the brows’ curving arches soften the face’s profile. Avoid having your brows’ ends placed too low because this will make your eyes appear droopy.

Oblong Faces

The best arches to make an oblong face appear wider are soft or straight. If you go with straight brows, give the ends of the hairs a tiny curl. Delicate brows soften sharp face outlines. Your forehead will appear broader if your eyebrows are thicker, giving your oblong face a more heart-shaped impression.

Heart Faces

Try a rounder brow shape if your face is heart-shaped; it will assist in softening the more angular features of your face. Unless you have a shorter face, in which case additional depth can look fabulous, avoid a high arch and opt for a low one instead.

Oval Faces

Any brow form looks good with an oval face, which is its best feature. Because they are more symmetrical or balanced, oval faces complement all brow types.

Get Your Brows Professionally Shaped

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