Full and natural brows have been the trend for some time. However, it can be annoying to have to fill in your brows every single day when doing your makeup. Luckily, you can get your brows tinted to get rid of that step during your morning routine. Additionally, shaping brows can be a hit or miss. Sometimes we tend to overpluck them or just ruin the shape altogether. Therefore, professionals will give you defined and fuller brows to get your brows waxed and tinted by professionals.

What is an eyebrow wax and tint?

Eyebrow wax and tint consist of shaping the brow with wax and tinting it to make it appear fuller. The semi-permanent dye gives your brow a more defined and dramatic shape. Additionally, eyebrow tinting can help your brows appear thicker and give you a more youthful look. When choosing the color, the tint should match your complexion and enhance your natural brow color.

What is the process like?

While you can wax and tint your brows at home, it can be a process that you would rather have done at a salon. When you get to the salon, a specialist will first prep the eyebrow area. Once that is done, they will shape your brow with wax, tweezers, or trimming scissors. Once your brows have the desired shape, the specialist will clean up the area and apply petroleum jelly to avoid any tint dyeing your skin. The brow tint will be mixed to match your complexion, applied, and left to develop for a few minutes. Once development is done, the specialist will remove the excess dye and you will be good to go.

Benefits of Eyebrow Waxing and Tinting

Eyebrow waxing and tinting are great because it is long-lasting and versatile. Compared to other ways of shaping your brows, waxing is one of the methods that last the longest. Additionally, the semi-permanent dye gives you peace of mind if you often fill in your brows. The procedure is also versatile because the dye can be mixed to match your complexion and give you a natural look.

Once you get your brows tinted and waxed, you should not wet them for at least 12 hours after. The process is quick at the salon, and you will get immediate results. Additionally, your tinted brows can last between three and six weeks. Not to mention, you can get touch-ups to keep your tinted brows looking fresh. You should not use any oil-based products on your brows, since they can strip the dye from your brows and make the color fade faster.

If you want to get your brows perfectly shaped and tinted by professionals, Parlor Beauty Bar is a great option for you. Our team of professionals can darken and add definition to your brows, so you feel confident every day. Besides eyebrow shaping and tinting, we also offer waxing, tweezing, and lamination. Contact us if you want to learn more about our other services or book a brow tinting appointment.